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CATI in WebSurveyCreator

Add the CATI module to Web Survey Creator and you can perform complete "mixed-mode" interviewing from one fully integrated system.

Getting around CATI

Where is everything and how do I find it? Where can I get more help if I need it? We'll show you how the system is setup and where it find help, documentation, FAQs and more...

Building your first CATI survey

What steps and decisions do I need to make and what do I need to know? We'll take your through the process of creating your first survey.

What's different from standard surveys to CATI surveys

Now that I have a survey in place, what do I do next? We'll show you how to add specific CATI content to your survey..

Image-based Choices

Getting information when you need it

What is Mixed Mode?
What are CATI Respondents?
What is the CATI workflow?
How do I get my next contact?

There are always lots of questions and we have the answers in our reference guide.

Download the CATI Guide

Our CATI guide contains information about all these topics and much more...

Click here to download the complete CATI guide.
Date:  11 July 2019